This Cookie Policy applies to websites operated by Morenjoy (“Morenjoy”, “we”, “us” or “our”). Our website, (the “Site”), is governed by the principles outlined in this Policy.

In the spirit of transparency, this Policy provides detailed information about cookies, their usage, and your options when visiting our Site. Cookies facilitate seamless navigation and interaction with the Site, and additional information on how we handle and secure your personal data is available in our Privacy Policy.

We reserve the right to update this Policy as needed due to changes in legal frameworks, technology, or our business model. Any updates will be communicated by posting the revised Cookie Policy along with the new effective date on our website.


Cookies are small text files stored on your device (e.g., computer or mobile device) when you visit our website. We use cookies for various purposes, including enabling online purchases, personalizing content and advertisements, supporting social media interactions, and analyzing website traffic. Information about your website usage may be shared with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners. By law, certain cookies necessary for website operation are stored without requiring your permission, while other types of cookies need your consent via the cookie information banner. You can change or withdraw your consent to the cookie statement on our website at any time.

Types of Cookies:

– Session Cookies:Specific to a single visit, providing information as you navigate web pages. These cookies automatically expire shortly after leaving the site or closing your browser.

– Permanent Cookies: Retain information about your preferences across visits, stored until you delete them or until their set expiration.

– Third-Party Cookies:Usually marketing cookies stored by entities other than us, collecting browsing activity across websites. They may persist until deletion or expiration.

Purpose of Data Processing:

– Security and Authentication (Necessary): Essential for Site functionality, ensuring encryption protection, security, integrity, authentication, and secure transaction completion.

– Accounts and User Preferences: Remembering account details and preferences over time, customizing content based on usage patterns.

– Social Networking: Facilitating interactions with logged-in social networks, in compliance with respective privacy policies.

– Performance and Analytics: Providing data for site improvement, optimization, and performance enhancement. Google Analytics tools are used for understanding user behavior.

Managing Cookies:

Upon your first visit, you can manage cookie settings through our cookie information banner. You have the option to accept all cookies or customize your preferences. Withdrawal of permission and clearing cookies from your browser is possible at any time.

For information on enabling, disabling, or deleting cookies, refer to your browser provider’s website. Additional guidance can be found at Common browser links for managing cookies are provided for your convenience.

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Third-party cookies for marketing and advertising performance can be managed through the respective links:

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If certain cookies are not enabled, or if you later disable them, you may still visit our site, but access to specific features or areas may be limited.

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