Varied Telescopic

Elevate your pleasure with a diverse ensemble of 5-speed, 5-line travel telescopic movements, and 5-speed, 5-frequency vibrations. Create a symphony of sensations for a truly personalized experience.

Serene Silence

Effortlessly replace liners with our discreet design, ensuring a serene and quiet experience with less than 40 dB of noise. Enjoy uninterrupted pleasure with a discreet and silent ambiance.

Tailored Fit

Experience the pinnacle of comfort with our ergonomically designed contours that conform perfectly to your body. The customized fit ensures maximum contact and a deeply intimate sensation, allowing for a tailored pleasure journey.

Premium Material Fusion

Experience the fusion of premium materials with medical silicone, TPE, and ABS in our product. Immerse yourself in a world of comfort and safety, curated for a premium pleasure experience.

Enjoy Effortless Peaks With Morenjoy

Multilingual Sensory Symphony

Delight in a sensory symphony with multilingual options. The built-in voice in Chinese, Japanese, and English ensures a personalized and inclusive experience, transcending language barriers.

Dynamic Thermal Regulation

Our dynamic thermal regulation system maintains the perfect temperature, ensuring a realistic and body-warming sensation. The consistent warmth enriches your experience, mimicking the most natural and intimate of encounters.

Adaptive Warmth Technology

Our product’s adaptive warmth technology gently heats to match your body temperature, providing a realistic touch that enhances every sensation. The heat adjusts in real time, ensuring constant comfort and intimacy.

Smart Speed Adaptation

Tailor your pleasure with smart speed adaptation. Choose from 5 speeds for both telescopic and vibrating functions, allowing you to adapt and customize your pleasure journey.

Instant Ecstasy Comes Standard With Morenjoy

Personalized Intensity Control

With personalized intensity control, you can easily adjust the strength of telescopic and vibrating sensations. Whether you prefer gentle waves or intense pulses, you have complete control over your pleasure intensity.

Durable Longevity

Constructed with durability in mind, our product promises longevity for countless sessions of satisfaction. The robust build quality means you can rely on its performance time and time again.

Revolutionary Screw Drive Mechanism

Revolutionize your pleasure with the fully waterproof telescopic and vibrating airplane cup. The innovative screw drive structure offers a large stroke and torque, setting a new standard for satisfaction.


Unleash desire with Morenjoy, your go-to destination for automatic male masturbators. Redefine pleasure with our top-tier male masturbator toy

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