Powerful Vibrations

Immerse yourself in the potent pulse of desire, experiencing intense vibrations that awaken and heighten every sense.

Silent Pleasure

Enjoy discreet moments of pleasure with our vibrator’s incredibly quiet operation, allowing you to dive into ecstasy without a sound.

Ergonomic Bliss

Indulge in luxurious comfort as the vibrator’s ergonomic design seamlessly fits your body’s unique contours, enhancing your sensual journey.

Safe Materials

Experience peace of mind with our vibrator’s body-safe materials, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable experience every time.

Embrace The Vibrating Ring’s Enchantment.

Dynamic Dual Motors

Revel in the dynamic power of dual motors strategically placed for optimal pleasure, offering a wide range of sensations that cater to every preference.

Intelligent Heating

Enhance your experience with an intelligent heating function that warms the vibrator to match body temperature, offering a more natural and comforting sensation.

Touch-Sensitive Control

Navigate through your pleasure with touch-sensitive controls that react to your body’s desires, allowing for intuitive adjustments without breaking your immersion.

Customizable Experience

Create your own pleasure patterns with customizable settings that let you define the tempo and intensity, giving you complete control over your sensual experience.

Feel The Vibrating Ring’s Intimate Beat.

Quiet Enjoyment

Delight in discreet moments with our Quiet Motor Technology, designed to keep your private world undisturbed.

Effortless Charging

Connect effortlessly with our magnetic charging port, ensuring a seamless and convenient charging experience to keep your pleasure always within reach.

Waterproof Exploration

Immerse yourself in passion anywhere, whether in the bath or shower, with our fully waterproof design ready for uninhibited exploration.

Morenjoy Nightingale App Features

Compatible With:

Compatible With:
iPhone/iPad Air/iPad Mini/iPod Touch iOS 14.2 and later
Android 5.0 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Windows PC (needs a Morenjoy USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)


Discover the art of pleasure with Morenjoy's Vibrating Ring, crafted for enduring satisfaction and a heightened, intimate connection like never before

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What’s Included

Merchandise *1
Charge cable *1
User manual *1
Storage bag *1

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Morenjoy Nightingale Sex Toy Reviews

Photo of the Encounter butt plug by Morenjoy in use-pc
Photo of the Encounter butt plug by Morenjoy in use-app